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Words do not define us, but rather give a glimpse into what we value and what we ultimately stand for — my feminist framework, the way that I understand the world through feminism makes me a feminist, but without the words, the vocabulary, and the language I would feel powerless.

 “The Not So Private Introspective Ramblings of a Duke Feminist”


The (Duke) Chronicle

“The Lives We Write”

“Revise, rewrite”

“A little pearl of wisdom”

“Tweet, tweet”

“Trust a little more, try a little less”

“We’re so young”

“Writing through the noise”

Thought Catalog

“I Think That I Think Too Much”

“Sylvia Plath, Please Stop Haunting Me”

“She Likes To Be In Control”

“What Does It Mean To Be Beautiful”

“Europe Is For Dreamers”

Ms. Magazine [online blogs as well as the Summer print issue]

“Turning the Corner on Sex Workers’ Rights in Argentina”

“A New Quilt for the National Mall”

“Katarina Witt: Diplomatic On and Off the Ice”

“Turning Famous Women Writers Who Committed Suicide into a ‘Lookbook'”

“Dove Has A Beauty Problem”

“NEWSFLASH: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: N.C. Gov. Signs Anti-Abortion Bill”

“Shame on Huma-Shaming”

“Listen, Fight and Grow a Thick Skin: Ms. Talks to Texas Writer-Activist Jessica Luther”

“Will Komen’s New Leadership Put It Back On Track?”

“Emergency Contraception Comes With A Brand-Name Price”

“The Texas Saga Continues”

“Mad Men, Angry Women”

“Supreme Court Punts On Affirmative Action Case”

“First Australian Woman Prime Minister Is Ousted”

“NEWSFLASH: N.C. Governor Supports Bill That Threatens To Close All But One Abortion Provider”


“The Personal is Political: In Defense of Women’s Studies Programs”


“Feminism Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All”

“Write(h)ers: The Feminist Future is Happening Right Now — Online”

Develle Dish

“The Trail of a Lost Feminist in Colombia”

“Can’t Say It, Don’t Legislate It”

“The Not So Private Introspective Ramblings of a Duke Feminist”


“Effortlessly Duke”

“Dear Duke Guys”

“Best Imitation of Myself”

“GIRLS Mania”

“Tall, Dark, and Handsome”

Other [Interview/Mentions/Guest Post]

“Finding Community” [A podcast interview on social media & feminism produced by the Thompson Writing Program Digital Writing & Pedagogy Lab]

Duke Women’s Studies Spring Newsletter 2014 [“Senior Story” and honors thesis abstract]

Duke Women’s Studies Fall Newsletter 2013 [“My Summer at Ms. Magazine”]

“Professors shake out the meaning of Cyrus’ twerking” [Duke Chronicle]

“Twitter Mocks Texas’ Proposed Six-week Abortion Ban with Brilliant Hashtag” Ms. interns created this hashtag! [Salon]

“Texas Republican Introduces Bill To Ban Abortions After Six Weeks” [Feministing]

“Love To Hate It: Hollywood” [Guest post for Writehers on Duke Student Affairs/Women’s Center Blog]

Mamafesto’s “This Is What a Feminist Looks Like” Series

Interviewed for GeNYU: “Catharsis in the Open” [re: Thought Catalog]

“Tall Dark, and Handsome” [Guest Post at Small Strokes, Big Oaks]