About Danielle


My name is Danielle K. Nelson and I recently graduated from Duke University with a double major in Spanish and Women’s Studies.

At the beginning of my sophomore year of college, I started writing for Duke’s feminist blog and ever since I have been in a constant neverending battle with blank word documents, blinking cursors, and writer’s block. This little site and various corners of the internet (Duke ChronicleMs. Magazine, Thought Catalog, PolicyMic, Feministe, feminist blogosphere) have become a home for my feminist work, autobiographical narrative style essays, and stream of consciousness pieces. 

Currently, I am working in the Office of News and Communications at Duke University as the social and digital media fellow.

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Feel free to email me at danielleknelson AT gmail or find me on Twitter @elleeenel

I’m a monologue, an internal rambling array of incoherent thoughts reverberating against the bookends of my typical atypical 20something angst.

Or maybe I’m just a ridiculous cliché—writing when normal people sleep, sipping bougie soy lattes in dimly lit coffee shops, and writing in leather-bound journals with a loopy, cursive hand.

I think that I think too much.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll write a novella.

But now it’s time to sleep.

I Think That I Think Too Much